StartLine Racing was created to give every runner the best possible Race Day experience every time. Whether it is a charity race of 100 or an event of 10,000, all events are judged by the experience that each individual walks away from the event with. We make it our goal to provide the best service and experience to EACH participant EVERY time!

StartLine Racing uses the latest technology and highest quality products on the market to give you the best experience every time. Using the Jaguar Timing System we have eliminated the need for mats or ramps at your Start/Finish line while offering participants REAL TIME, IMMEDIATE streaming results both online and onsite.

The company was founded by Jeff and Jen Crane, event and promotion professionals with over 30 years of combined experience at providing participants with the best possible product. Before founding StartLine Racing, Jeff served as the Race Director and Series Manager for the Peoria Runner’s Series, and many other large events. Every StartLine Racing event is personally managed by Jeff, so you can expect the best experience each and every time out. Jen is the creative force behind the company. Having planned and organized events that brought people to the Valley from across the nation, her planning and organizational abilities are second to none. Participants at every event will always receive a specific event Tech shirt. We use custom medals and placement awards, and put the comfort and experience of our runners above all else.

Come see how StartLine Racing can make your next race your best race!


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