Expanding your company’s reach to potential clients is the goal of every business, large and small. We at StartLine Racing believe we can help you with that goal.

Even better, we believe we can help you find some of the best clients out there – runners! As a whole runners and other endurance athletes make up one of the strongest demographics possible:

  • 75.8% of runners have received a college degree (compared to an average of 30.4% in the United States)
  • 73.3% of participants have a household income more than $75,000 annually, with 51% having a household income of more than $100,000 annually (compared to an average U.S. income of $52,700).
  • 72% of runners will spend over $100 in the next 12 months on fitness apparel or gear.

As a race management company that owns and/or manages over 50 events annually, StartLine Racing is uniquely positioned to help you reach this valuable group. What makes StartLine Racing different is our commitment to creating the BEST race day experience for EVERY participant, EVERY time. At StartLine we celebrate every runner, not just those that finish first. This has helped us to foster a reputation for hosting great events through Arizona.

Along with our basic core values, two other advantages allow us to offer you a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential clients at our events – our larger volume of events and our Series running format. As stated above, we own and/or manage over 50 events annually (along with an additional 10-20 events annually that we provided timing services for). For that reason, runners know there is always a StartLine event around the corner.

So how can you get face to face with this fantastic group of potential clients? Simple – become a sponsor or vendor at a StartLine event! We have multiple sponsor levels to fit every budget – from Full Season and/or Single Race Title Sponsors for maximum exposure to vendor booths that allow you to put your products in front of participants before and after each race.

We would love the opportunity to meet with you to share our vision and find how we can come together to maximize your experience at our events.

For all information please contact us at info@startlineracing.com or (480) 912-7878.

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