Expanding your company’s reach to potential clients is the goal of every business, large and small. We at StartLine Racing believe we can help you with that goal.

Even better, we believe we can help you find some of the best clients out there – runners! As a whole runners and other endurance athletes make up one of the strongest demographics possible:

  • 81% of runners have received a college degree (compared to an average of 30.4% in the United States)
  • 61% of participants have a household income more than $50,000 annually, with 22% having a household income of more than $100,000 annually (compared to an average U.S. income of $52,700).
  • 72% of runners will spend over $100 in the next 12 months on fitness apparel or gear.

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For all information please contact Jennifer Crane at jen@startlineracing.com or (480) 912-7878.

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