Are headphones allowed during the race?

Yes, headphones are allowed at any StartLine Racing managed or owned event.  We do ask that you refrain from using them while announcements are made by the Race Director prior to the start of the event.

Are spectators allowed on the course?

This will depend on the event but the majority of our events allow spectators on the course.  Please email us at info@startlineracing.com to find out the best places for spectators at a particular event.

Can I change my race distance?

Absolutely!  We understand life happens and sometimes training doesn’t go as planned.  We allow changes up until the Thursday before the event.  Please email us at info@startlineracing.com prior to 5pm the Thursday before the event to change your distance or switch to virtual (if offered).

Can I have someone else pick up my packet for me?

Yes, we do allow someone to pickup your packet.  They will need your name and confirmation number in order to do so.

Can my dog run with me?

At the majority of our events we allow leashed pets to attend and be on the course with you.  There are some events though that do not allow pets due to the nature of the course or the location.  Please refer to each event’s website to see if your pet is allowed to attend.

Will the event be cancelled due to inclement weather?

In most cases, no.  It is very rare for us to cancel an event due to weather.  Unless we have deemed the course unsafe, we will be running.  To date we have only canceled one race way back in 2014 due to ice.  Yes, ice.

Where can I leave my personal items during the event?

We recommend leaving most of your personal items at home or in your car.  We do offer bag check at some of our events depending on the location.  Please refer to each event’s website for information on bag check.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

Sorry but not.  We do offer many options though so please email us at info@startlineracing.com to go over your options.

Can I transfer my registration to another event on your calendar?

Well it depends on the event and when you make the request.  We allow transfers from StartLine owned events to other StartLine owned events and you have until the Sunday prior to race week to make this request.  Unfortunately, we do not allow transfers from managed events to StartLine owned events.  The money goes to the organization that owns the event and we cannot take the money back from them once they have it.  We do not allow transfers to another event the week of the event you are registered for.  If there is a virtual distance offered then we can switch you to virtual or, in some cases, we can defer you to the next year’s event.  Please reach out to info@startlineracing.com to find out more.





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