Youth and School Programs

At StartLine Racing, our goal is to give EVERY runner the best possible race day experience EVERY time.  That includes the next generation of runners!!

We believe the best way to create kids that love to run is to give them fun opportunities to get introduced to the sport.  That is why at all our major StartLine Racing events, we offer a Kids’ Dash!  From trick-or-treating at the Spooky Kids’ Sprint at the Wicked Half Marathon to running with Santa at all our Run Run Rudolph runs, our Kids’ Dash events allow kids of all ages a shorter distance built just for them!

All Kids’ Dash consist of a half mile distance and the participants receive the same finisher’s medal and event shirt as all of the other participants.  Lets face it – the kids run for the bling just like mom and dad to too!!


We are excited to introduce our new School Fundraiser Program!  While you may have experienced “school booster runs” in the past, you haven’t seen anything like this. Our goal is to put as much of the fundraising revenue back into your programs as possible. We do this through a flat-fee based program – you will know up front what expenses to expect and what your earning potential is. We don’t take more money the better you do at fundraising. If you make more, you keep more!

We are a 100% local company – we live here in the Phoenix area, our kids go to school locally, and we want to help schools put on programs that get all of our kids up and moving while earning funds to help support the wonderful programs our schools provide!

Our staff of event professionals and former physical education teachers take care of all details. From creating a custom event website for your school to allowing simple pledging through email and or social media, we have taken the hassle out of fundraising and put the focus back on where it should be for students – HAVING FUN!

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