So here we are, in the madness we call THE HOLIDAYS. Wouldn’t it be great if all those miles we logged running from store to store shopping, counted for our training runs? It’s so easy with the hustle and bustle of the season to put our fitness and training aside, but maybe with these tips and a little planning you won’t have to start all over in January.

  1. Holiday Race Bucket List – Find a race you may have always wanted to run during the holidays and make it a goal. There are so many fun holiday themed races between Thanksgiving and New Years, finding one should be easy. Traveling for the holidays? Even better. Find a race in your destination and enjoy the change of scenery and the holiday vibe. Need to know where to run a great race in the Phoenix area, check out all the great races StartLine Racing has to offer!


2.  Keep it Social – One of the best things about the holidays is all the time we get to visit with friends. Make your training runs social too. Get your running buddies together and plan a run through a decked out neighborhood and enjoy the lights and the miles. Visiting family? Start a new tradition and have them join you before the family get-together.

3. Don’t Be a Scrooge – We as runners are creatures of habit. Don’t be so set in your training ways during such a hectic time. Go with the flow and get those training runs in when you can. And don’t beat yourself up for not getting in the distance you had planned, the miles all add up in the end.

4. Do a Little Early Shopping…For Yourself – Nothing makes us want to get out the door and run more than new running gear. Give yourself an early gift and then enjoy it throughout the holidays when you are getting in those miles. New running tights or shoes that need to be broken in before a big spring race…treat yourself and then put in the work.

5. Make it Festive – Add that favorite Christmas tune on your list and then “jingle all the way” through your workout. Throw on that ugly Christmas sweater and really make it a holiday run. Whatever it takes to get you out the door and hitting the pavement.

Enjoy the time of year. Enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy your love and ability to get out and run and enjoy a cookie or two. It’s the holidays!! And if you need a race to start your new year off right, join us for our annual Midnight Madness race!

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