Now that we have made it through the melty hot summer (well….almost), it’s time to start thinking about all the fun you will have running in the Fall. And what better way to gear up for StartLine Racing Fall events then with some new GEAR! Here are some of the newest things to hit the running stores.

  1. Body Glide – no it’s not new this year, but it is still one of the best things to have when you are training and putting in those miles. It helps prevent chafing and blisters and comes in a stick, like deodorant that you can rub where you need it with no oily residue left behind. A sweaty runner’s best friend.
  2. Foam Roller… That Vibrates – That’s right! We all love our foam rollers to stretch out the sore muscles after a good run, but now you can buy them with 4 or 5 different vibration settings too. So now you can get a great at-home massage to soothe those sore muscles and the roller for the muscle recovery.
  3. Ultra Pocket Hat – Do you need more space to store gels and money or your ID? Then this hat is perfect for you. Not only does it have pockets, but they zip! It is also well ventilated and reflective.
  4. Garmin Express – Take those tunes with you on the run with the latest from the Garmin family. The Forerunner 645 Music watch will let you store up to 500 songs that you can listen to using your Bluetooth headphones. One more thing your Garmin can now do.
  5. Reflective…everything – With Fall coming, that means it starts to get darker a little sooner. Make sure you have your reflective outerwear ready to go. If you like lightweight and breathable, try the New Balance Reflective Pack jacket, shorts and tights. They offer 360 degrees of reflective angles and pack up small.
  6. Too Bright Outside? – The newest and best reviewed sunglasses out there this Fall are of course…Oakley. The Oakley Radarlock Path sunglasses are meant to be a runner’s delight. With a tight and secure fit, they are also lightweight and very durable. You can get them polarized or non-polarized and 100% UVA protection. Pricey…a little, but worth it.

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7. Gotta Take Care of Your Feet – What kind of runner are we if we don’t baby the things that take us all those miles? If blisters and hot spots bother you when you run, then try out a pair of ROCKAY Accelerate socks. These new socks are breathable and durable. The best thing about them….they stay in PLACE. No sliding into your shoe mid-run. Yes! Take my money already!!  You can find them online at Amazon.

8. A Belt that Really Holds a Phone – If you are like me, you take your phone with you on your run and you also have found that most belts, tights and shorts don’t actually have pockets that hold said phone. The new Aqua Quest Kona Pouch has the exact space you need and a snug, breathable fit to make sure it doesn’t move around while you run.

9. Safety First – I know we have all seen those ID bracelets that help identify you and any medical alerts people may need to know about you, but with so many other things I wear while running, the bracelet didn’t always make the cut. Now they have one that you can add to your Garmin or running watch. The 1BandID is a sleeve that attaches to the band of your watch and contains all the emergency and health information that you add to it.

10. WATER – Hydration and water are important to any runner, but should be very important to those of us StartLine Racing runners here in Arizona. So not only is having water a must, but who wouldn’t love to drink it cold. The new Nathan SpeedDraw Plus is an insulated, 18-ounce bottle that is handheld and offers enough space to store your IPhone and keys.

Looking for some Fall races to try out all these awesome new products? Make sure to check out all of StartLine Racing events coming up. We have a race for you!


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