Ok, let’s be honest…raise your hand if you are struggling to find the fun in running right now in this crazy  summer heat? ME!! My hand is up and I know yours might be too. Unless you seriously enjoy running at 4:30am, and trust me I know some of you do, then summers can be a tough time to enjoy running or training. Never fear! StartLine Racing is here to save your run fun… for at least 10 days anyway. Take this 10 day running challenge and see how fun your runs can be.

Day 1 – Throw It Back – Make a playlist of music from the years you were in high school and enjoy “jogging” your memory.

Day 2 – New Time of Day – Switch up the time of day you normally run.  Doesn’t have to be a permanent switch, just something to shake things up a bit. Not normally a morning runner? Make the switch and come join us at one of our remaining 2018 Sunrise Series races.

Day 3 – Wear the Tutu – Or the crazy socks or the tiara or whatever fun things you want to wear to make those miles fly by. Who says you can only dress up for race day?

10.29.2017 Wicked Run-508

Day 4 – Run Thankful – Dedicate each mile or block or minutes to one thing you are thankful for. It could be a person, a pet, a memory, a StartLine Racing event, or whatever it is that makes you smile and be grateful.

Day 5 – Ditch the Data – You heard me, leave the Garmin, music and phone behind and just run. Go as far and as fast as you want and just run by feeling.

Day 6 – Go Somewhere New – It doesn’t have to be far, but go someplace else and run. Try a new trail or new park. The excitement of the unknown can invigorate your routine runs.

Day 7 – Run Backward – Not really backward, unless you are feeling super adventurous. But run your normal route in reverse. Keep your body on its toes and don’t get into a predictable rut.

Day 8 – Smile and Wave – Make it a point to smile and wave at each person that you pass or passes you on your run. Maybe they wave back, maybe not, but it is sure to brighten your day and probably theirs too.


Day 9 – Take a Friend – It could even be a furry, four-legged friend that joins you for a jog around the neighborhood. Having someone run with you when maybe you  normally don’t, could make those miles go by quick.

Day 10 – Celebrate Your Love of Running – Hopefully after 10 FUN days of running, you are reminded of why you run, what you love about running and all the fun running brings to your life. Celebrate it!! Register for an upcoming StartLine Race or buy yourself some new running gear, something to celebrate your love of the run.

Every runner gets in a slump and in these warm summer months, it’s easy to talk yourself out of getting in those training runs. Make sure you don’t lose the fun in your running!

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