I know you all wait eagerly for our weekly blog post and so to help you kill the time between them, I wanted to give you a list of some other blogs you may find entertaining and informative, whether you are a rookie runner or marathon veteran. So take a break from logging those miles, sit in a cool place (good luck finding one) and read a few of these for training tips and motivation.

Photo by Michael Smith Photography (www.michaelsmithphoto.photoreflect.com)

  1. For You Gearheads Out There – You know who you are…always wanting the latest and greatest gadgets, shoes and accessories, check out Running Warehouse – This blog will keep you up to date on the newest shoes and latest training plans. You can also asks questions and take fun quizzes like “What Kind of Cliff Bar are You?”
  2. Looking to Elevate Your Performance – If you are training with the mindset to become an elite runner make sure you spend some serious time reading the articles on Science of Running It’s an in-depth look at what it takes to up your running game like the professionals. It will also help you develop a mental and physical training plan to improve your overall running.
  3. Trail Runners…this is for you. iRunFar is huge online community of trail and ultra runners. Articles and information on gear, races, training and even trail routes, this is your one-stop blog for all things trail.
  4. Food to Fuel Your Run – This blogger is a registered dietician and runner and exactly where you need to go for recipe and nutrition ideas to help fuel your body the right way for your training and races. Run.Eat.Snap. is the place to go for all your food questions and concerns.
  5. For Our More Seasoned Runners – As we like to call them here at StartLine Racing, you will enjoy these two blogs. Old Man Running is written by an 82 year old veteran runner with over 40 years of running marathons and training experience. For our ladies out there, make sure you read Got2Run4Me. Coco didn’t start running until 2001 and now as a 40+ full-time working mother, she is in great shape and offers an honest look into running later in life.

Trust me, this is just the tip of the runner blog iceberg. The web is full of novice and expert running blogs, recipes and training programs, race and gear reviews and more.

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