Happy 4th of July to all you runners out there! Hopefully you are going to enjoy today with BBQ, beer, friends and fireworks. And maybe while you are getting in your miles before the festivities today, you can take a minute and remind yourself of all the freedom you have found in running. Running should help you to feel free from so many things, not make you feel trapped. It is easy to let your training plan steal the joy of the run for you, so in case you have forgotten, here are FOUR reasons to feel free while “on the run”.

1. Freedom to Breathe – Ever tried running without breathing? Of course not, duh?Running is a great time to just focus on breathing. Breathing in the fresh air of an early morning run. Breathing in the pride of all that your body does when you run. Breathing in the freedom you have to be able to go out and run anytime you want. Find a rhythm in your breathing and see how far it can take you.


2. Freedom to Choose – Heading out on a running route, whether it’s a new one or one you have run a hundred times, it’s still your choice. Running gives you the freedom to choose. Do you want to run a 5K or a half marathon? Go for a trail run or a run on a paved sidewalk? You get to decide how far or how fast you want to go. You choose if you want to push yourself to qualify for Boston or run a mile without stopping. When it comes to running, the choice is yours.


3. Freedom to Think – When it is just you and the pavement, sometimes all you can do is think while you run. Clear your head from all the stress and let running be your escape from all that weighs you down. Think about the joys of running, why you love it and all the benefits to your body. Think about how hard you can push yourself and how everyday you get out and run, is day you are improving, no matter how slow you go.

4. Freedom to Have Fun – Running, above all things, should be fun. If it’s not, then you may need to go back to reason #1 again and breathe. Running gives you the freedom to meet new people, dress up in a costume and run with a theme, join running groups for their training runs, travel around and run races in other locations.  The possibilities are endless, besides the pure science that running makes you happy and happy people have more freaking FUN!

StartLine Racing want to wish you all a very Happy 4th of July!! If you haven’t yet, make sure to join us for the remaining runs in our 2018 Sunrise Series this summer. Enjoy your freedom, your summer, your running and maybe an extra hot dog!

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