My boss only has one rule, don’t die. And while it is said with humor and a smile, StartLine Racing cares about you and your safety while you are out running. Yes, I want  this blog to be light-hearted and fun (duh) but sometimes, like today, we need to spend a little time on a serious subject…safety.  I know some of these are common sense, but trust me, as an Az runner who often runs alone, you can’t ever be too cautious or aware while out on your run. Here are a few tips to think about and plan for to help keep you safe.

  1. Tell Somebody – If you run solo, or even in a group, make sure someone knows where you are and what your plan or route may be. It’s always a good idea to even leave a note or text message so your loved ones have a time to reference for how long you have been gone and when to expect you back.
  2. Identify Yourself – Make sure to run with some kind of name and number bracelet or shoe tag that identifies you. Putting a phone number of someone who isn’t running with you will also help if someone needs to call an emergency contact.
  3. Be Seen – Always assume that drivers can’t see you, so do your best to wear bright-colored or reflective clothes depending on the time of day you are running. Sometimes, with these dark Arizona nights, even a headlamp or shoe lights is a great idea too. They not only help you see where you are going, but it helps drivers and cyclist see you. When needed, run facing on-coming traffic too. This will help you and the drivers see each other better. Don’t have any bright running shirts, check out our store and shop for a few!

Property Of Shirts - Copy4. Mix It Up – I know as runners, we are creatures of habit, we like our routes and trails and don’t always like to change them up. But we need too. Don’t let your running routes become so predictable that people, yes the bad kind, know when and where you will be running on any given day. Running a new route will also help keep you more aware to traffic and people. Want to try out routes in other parts of the valley? Check out our 2018 Arizona Sunrise Series. It gives you the variety you might be looking for in a safe environment.

IMG_49435. Always Be Aware – Even if you know the area and route with your eyes closed, always stay aware and alert while running. Keep an eye out for animals, on-coming traffic and other runners. More than anything else, listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right or look right, then turn around. Trust yourself and your instinct.

6. Use Your Tech – Nology that is…If you run with your phone, and who doesn’t these days, make sure to turn on your location settings. There is also plenty of apps out there that allow you to let family members know where you are running. There are even apps available that have access to sirens, emergency 911 and location services.

No matter what, your safety is more important than any training run or miles logged. Go out and enjoy your runs but do it safely and always be aware. We want to make sure we get to keep seeing your smiling faces at an upcoming StartLine event soon!

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